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We craft and design the stories that make your products, services and values stand out

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Our mission

Storytelling as an engine for change

By understanding your business and your customers, we craft and design the stories that make your products, services and values stand out. So, whether you need to increase sales, build trust or attract top talent, we will help you by using compelling stories throughout your communication, as an engine for change. Use the form below and we'll be in touch!

Tero Savela, Project Manager, Strängbetong. Photo: Beatrice Graalheim.

Tero Savela, Project Manager, Strängbetong. Photo: Beatrice Graalheim.

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Our work

Become remarkable

Wonderwork is a design- and communication agency with a passionate heart, pounding for storytelling. By weaving compelling stories, we make sure that your business or organisation leaves a mark, and your values are remembered. We always tailor a team of digital experts, film makers, photographers, illustrators or writers, to help you reach and exceed your most important business goals.

Maria Ehrin, Process Leader, Atea. Photo: Fredrik Andersson
Illustration for Microsoft Teams. By: Gustaf Öhrnell Hjalmars/Agent Molly.
Shabnam Seradji, Project Manager, Strängbetong. Photo: Kristofer Samuelsson.
Stefan Carlsson & Alexandra Rönnkvist, Region Norrbotten. Photo: Fond & Fond.
Atea Sustainability Focus. Design: Wonderwork. Illustration by Gustaf Öhrnell Hjalmars/Agent Molly.
Event design: Insikt 2021+2022. Design: Wonderwork.
Anders Nylén, Site Manager, Strängbetong. Photo: Nicke Johansson.
Åsa Jönsson, Lindesberg Kommun. Photo: Fredrik Andersson.
Annual Report. Digital version for Ework Group. Design: Wonderwork.
Voister CIO Analytics 2022. Design: Wonderwork.
Behind the scenes: Magnus Glans shooting for Atea. Photo: Fredrik Andersson.
A big thank you to all of our collaborators, past and present. Photo & illustration credits (above): Fredrik Andersson, Gustaf Öhrnell Hjalmars/Agent Molly, Kristofer Samuelsson/Folkstudion, Fond & Fond & Nicke Johansson.

Our team

Big ideas in a small body

Our solid business background lets us dig deep into the problem or challenge you want to solve. This means that we want to understand the core of your business and what goals you are trying to achieve. We know how we can use design and communication to make you reach those goals quicker. Wonderwork, loves to combine bold ideas with a lean process and teams with the right competence and size. So, if you appreciate lean processes and effective meetings, having fun and at the same time getting awesome results. Then you should drop us an email.

Ulrika Nybäck
Ulrika Nybäck
CEO, Strategy, Words

Bringing brands to life and making them stand out is such a rewarding process for me. I ’m obsessed with everything from finding out what makes your audience tick to engaging content (interviews, videos, talks) and microcopy that gets the job done. When I'm not at work you’ll find me running in a nearby forest, listening to an audiobook or sharing a meal with friends.

+46 709 84 94 19
Fredrik Andersson
Fredrik Andersson
Creative Director

When not using my design skills trying to make the world more beautiful, you'll probably find me reading a book, watching an old movie, listening to music, running or cycling. I'm also spending a lot of my free time as a youth coach in bandy.

Creative Support

They call me their creative companion, and that’s fine by me. I sleep best to the sound of typing or people talking on phones or staring at computers. My favourite hour of the day is dawn when squirrels hop from tree to tree and wild rabbits graze. My biggest fear is New Year’s firecrackers and loud bangs in general.

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Our services

Let's get started!

We combine strategy, design, filmmaking, copywriting and web design to create unique experiences that inspire, engage, and convert effectively and tirelessly.


  • Communication Plans
  • Communication Training
  • Positioning
  • Tone & Voice


  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Design systems
  • Websites


  • Video strategy
  • Script coaching
  • Motion design
  • Sound design


  • Communication trends
  • Storytelling
  • Intuitive design
  • Creative flow

Challenge us!

Reflect on all the people you want to engage. Who needs to discover how great you are? Challenge us with one of your communication problems, and we’ll tell you how we would solve it!

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Our talks

Talks and training

We know that authentic and inspiring stories and design can – and will – change any organization. That’s why we combine our creative work with talks and training. Our job is to make your employees and customers reflect, learn, be inspired, engage and act. That’s why we combine talks and training with creating campaigns and content. All talks and training are available in both English and Swedish. 

Inspirational talks

  • Make your story stick
  • The science and secrets behind flow
  • Design that changes you Brand

Online training

  • How to find and craft great stories
  • The science and secrets behind flow
  • Design that changes you Brand

In-person training

  • How to craft great stories
  • How to make your story stick – 1 day training
  • Design that changes your Brand
Ulrika Nybäck on stage.

Ulrika Nybäck giving a talk about the importance of storytelling.