Talks and training

Influencing people is not just about great campaigns, design, and content – it’s about understanding what problem needs to be solved. Sometimes the people we want to engage are happy with their current product or service. In that case, we must show them there’s a better option out there (yours!) Often, we get the best results when we start by inspiring your employees. When we get them excited, they will help us to drive change, they will start talking about and sharing your content. Other times, we train your key employees so that they can identify and craft great content, stories and design. All talks and training are available in English and Swedish.

Our talks

We know that authentic and inspiring stories and design can – and will – change any organization. That’s why we combine our creative work with talks and training. Our job is to make your employees and customers reflect, learn, be inspired, engage, and act. That’s why we combine talks and training with creating campaigns and content. All talks and training are available in both English and Swedish. 

Inspirational talks

  • Make your story stick
  • The science and secrets behind flow
  • Design that changes you Brand

Online training

  • How to find and craft great stories
  • The science and secrets behind flow
  • Design that changes you Brand

In-person training

  • How to craft great stories
  • How to make your story stick – 1 day training
  • Design that changes your Brand
Ulrika Nybäck on stage.

Challenge us!

Reflect on all the people you want to engage. Who needs to discover how great you are? Challenge us with one of your communication problems, and we’ll tell you how we would solve it!

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